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  Actually, in the movie series of 365bet娱乐场下载, Werewolfs and Lycans are the same. In 365bet娱乐场下载 Rise of the Lycans, Victor refers both The Werewolfs and Lucian as Lycans. In all 365bet娱乐场下载 movies you will see different sorts of Lycans.

  As followed:

  1.Lycan: First evolution. William, the immortal man who was bitten by a wolf to become the first of the Lycans and was one of three sons of the first immortal man Alexander Corvinus. He could not turn back into his human form.

  2. Lycans: Second evolution. Turned by William after he had bitten them and killed them. These Lycans could not turn back to their human form except for when they were dead.

  3. Lycans: Third evolution. First of this kind was spawned from Lucian, who was used by the Vampire King Viktor to turn more humans into what Lucian was. This bread could only turn when there was a full moon.

  4. Lycans: Fourth evolution. Lucian was the first of this bread, although he was the one the third bread spawned from he could turn at any time of his own free will and apparently some others were to later on in the series.

  5. Lycan: Fifth evolution. In the 365bet娱乐场下载 Awakening movie ewe get to see a new Lycan, a Superlycan if you want to call it. This Bread was created through experiments of both Michael, Selene and their daughter Eve’s blood injected into Lycans. They could turn at their own free will.

  6. Lycan Hybrid: First Evolution. Michael Corvin, the descendant of Alexander Corvinus third and mortal son. He was bitten by Lucian in an attempt to get his blood to see if he was the one true descendant of the Corvinus family tree. He was not turned however because they injected some kind of repressive medicin into his body, however he still had Lycan blood in his stream and after Selene bit him he turned into a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid. Only other hybrid in the series was Marcus but the other way around, he became a Vampire-Lycan Hybrid instead due to being the first Vampire and son of Alexander Corvinus and some magic from Lycan blood. He can turn of his own free will.

  7. Lycan Hybrid: Second Evolution. Eve Corvin, born as a Hybrid of three immortal beings, her father Michael being a Lycan-Vampire Hybrid and her mother Selene being Vampire-(Human Immortal) after drinking blood from the First immortal Alexander Corvinus. This makes Eve into probably the strongest of all the breads of immortals as she has Lycan-Vampire-Human Immortal blood in her stream and is a direct descendant of Alexander Corvinus. She can turn of her own free will.

  All the first once of the different Immortal breads:

  1. Alexander Corvinus: Immortal Human (There can be only one ;P ). Dead as of 365bet娱乐场下载 Evolution.

  2. William Corvinus: First of the Lycans and son to Alexander Corvinus. Dead as of 365bet娱乐场下载 Evolution.

  3. Marcus Corvinus: First of the Vampires and son to Alexander Corvinus. Dead as of 365bet娱乐场下载 Evolution.

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